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Sontronics DM-1S

Brand: Sontronics
Product Code: DM-1S
Availability: Subject to Availability
Ex Tax: AED703.81

The Sontronics DM-1T and DM-1S, along with the DM-1Brepresent the British mic brand's first foray into direct drum miking. The microphones have taken two years of research, development and testing and, like all Sontronics mics, they offer the best quality and the most professional sounding results but at an incredible price.

The Sontronics DM-1T and DM-1S have been meticulously designed by Sontronics' founder and designer, Trevor Coley, to capture the exact characteristics of your tom and snare: the skin slap, the snare rattle, the attack, boom, decay and so on. Rather than create one mic that gets good results from either/or snare and tom, these mics have a slightly different frequency response graph to get exceptional results from each drum.

Technical Specifications

Response : 30Hz - 20KHz

Sensitivity : 8mV/Pa -45dB  ±1.0dB (0dB = 1V/Pa @ 1,000 Hz)

Polar pattern : Cardioid (end-fire)

Impedance : <= 200 Ohms

Equivalent noise level : 14 dB ( A - Weighted )

Max SLP (for 0.5% THD @1,000 Hz) 135 dB (With  -10dB pad switched in)

Power supply : Phantom power 48 ± 4V

Connector : Three-pin XLR


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