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PreSonus ADL 700

Brand: PreSonus
Product Code: ADL 700
Availability: In Stock
Ex Tax: AED3,999.05

A Single-channel Version of the ADL 600 with Compression and EQ!

PreSonus presents the ADL 700, a follow-up to the wildly successful ADL 600. Created in partnership with the designer of the original ADL 600, Anthony DeMaria, the ADL 700 is an all-discrete high-voltage Class A channel strip, incorporating 600 volts of tube-driven preamp with a FET-based compressor/limiter section and parametric EQ. The preamp circuitry is identical to that of the ADL 600, with the expanded functionality of the compressor and EQ providing additional tools to shape the sound. The second generation of the ADL is here with the ADL 700!


Preamp section of the ADL 600: The preamplifier stage in the ADL 700 is a discrete Class A circuit, based on the preamp in the ADL 600, with balanced input transformer and three vacuum tubes with 300-volt power rails. The preamp includes instrument, line, and microphone inputs with selectable input impedance, high gain, and highpass filter. The preamp section allows for overdriving of the tube section for coloration, or shifting the impedance to draw different tones from your microphone. With 75dB of gain available, the ADL 700 easily handles gain-hungry ribbon mics.

FET compressor/limiter: The compressor stage in the ADL 700 features a discrete FET-based VCA compressor with variable threshold, ratio, attack, release, and make-up gain. The FET compressor reacts to transients faster than optical circuits for better protection against peaks, preserving the integrity of your source material.

EQ: The EQ stage in the ADL 700 is a discrete Class A 4-band semi-parametric EQ with switchable high/low Q. The bands overlap for surgical sculpting of the sound. Aside from the dedicated EQ section, there's a 3-position hi-pass filter for further sound shaping. An EQ/Compressor switch lets you switch the order of the EQ and compression in the signal chain for more tonal flexibility.


Preamp section of the ADL 600

Class A design

Transformer-balanced I/O

75dB of gain

Variable mic impedance

Rear panel mic and line inputs with front panel DI/Instrument input

Three tubes driven by 300 volt power rails

FET-based VCA compressor/limiter

4-band EQ

3-position highpass filter

Switchable signal-chain placement for EQ and compressor

The ADL 700 is the next generation of channel strip from PreSonus!


Preamp Type: Tube

Number of Channels: 1

Frequency Response: 10Hz-45kHz

Phantom Power: Yes

EQ: Yes

Compression: Yes

Analog Inputs: 1 x 1/4", 2 x XLR

Analog Outputs: 1 x XLR

Other I/O: 1 x 1/4" Comp Link

Rack Spaces: 2U

Height: 3.5"

Depth: 17"

Width: 19"

Weight: 22.75 lbs.

Manufacturer Part Number: ADL700


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