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FBT J 8A 250W Powered Speaker Black

Brand: FBT
Product Code: J 8A
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FBT Jolly 8ba Active Powered Speaker  

The FBT Jolly Series speakers feature lightweight, yet rugged gas injected molded polypropylene cabinet construction.

The Jolly 8 series speakers modern cabinet appearance provides fixed installations with an elegant design that blends into any décor. The asymmetrical shape of the Jolly 8ba cabinet also allows use as a floor stage monitor.

The FBT Jolly 8ba is a two-way design incorporating an 8” low frequency woofer and a 1” High frequency driver coupled to a 90°H x 60°V horn. The active internal crossover is at a fixed frequency of 2k. With a frequency range of 60Hz – 20kHz, Jolly 8ba provides hi fidelity sound for both speech and music applications with a maximum SPL of 119 dB. A front face steel grille protects the woofer from external damage. FBT’s ADAP® Advanced Dynamic Active Protection circuitry protects speaker/driver components against failure. 

The Bi amplified Jolly 8ba active speaker features a 150w RMS Class G low frequency amp, and a 50 w RMS Class G high Frequency amp. The control panel features a volume control, 2 band EQ with +- 12dB of cut/boost @ 80Hz LF and +- 12 db cut/ boost @ 10kHz, a balanced Neutrik® input combo jack (Female XLR, ¼” TRS, ¼”), balanced XLR link output jack, Microphone / Line input switch, and Ground lift switch, LED Power on and Limiter LED Indicators.

The two M-6 fly points built into the cabinets, along with the optional S/J 8u or S/J 8 mounting brackets allow the Jolly 8ba speakers to be surface mounted on walls or ceilings.

For portable or fixed use the Jolly 8ba can be mounted on speaker stands by using the optional A/J 8 adapter for vertical mounting. The S/J 8u- U bracket when used along with the MSA 200 adapter kit, allows horizontal mounting with adjustable tilt angling of Jolly 8ba speakers on a tripod microphone stands for near field monitoring use.


Lightweight Polypropylene Cabinet, 18.6 lbs.

Bi amplified: 150w RMS LF & 50w RMS Class G Amps

Control Panel with Volume Control, 2 Band EQ,

Mic/Line Switch, Ground Lift Switch

Multiple mounting options: * Wall, Ceiling, Cluster, Speaker stands,

*Tripod Microphone Stands for near field monitoring use

*Optional accessories required

Two M - 6 fly points

Optional Carrying Bags available for protection for portable use

High SPL capability: 119 dB

Completely Manufactured in Italy

3 yr. Warranty


System Type: 2 way                                                  

Dispersion: 90° H x 60° V

Components: 8” woofer, 1” driver                              

Protection: FBT ADAP® Protection circuitry

Frequency Response: 60Hz - 20kHz                         

Input: Balanced Neutrik combo jack, XLR, 1/4" TRS 

Suspension Points: 2 - M-6                                       

Output: Balanced Neutrik® Link Out

Total Power Output: 200w RMS                                 

Enclosure Material: Polypropylene

Sensitivity: 96 dB @ 1 watt, 1 meter                          

Dimensions: 10.25”w x 16.60”h x 9.80”d 

Maximum SPL: 119dB                                                

Net Weight: 18.60 lbs.

Active Crossover Frequency: 2 kHz                           

Shipping Weight: 21 lbs.

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