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HIFIMAN HM901s High-Fideltiy Portable MP3 Player with Balanced Amplifier Card

Brand: Hifiman
Product Code: HM901s
Availability: Subject to Availability
Ex Tax: AED5,999.05

We endeavor to deliver state-of-the-art technology, keeping only what is essential to improve sound quality and reliability. HM901s brings balanced, high quality music reproduction creating joy for your ears.Replaceable amp card design Dual-battery solution for reduced noise interference

Product Description

Notice:As we continue to phase new packaging into the market, you may receive product with old packaging for a brief period of time. Your understanding is appreciated. 


The Premium Choice - DAC ES9018 
The secret to the best-sounding experience possible? Two top-of-the-line DAC chips. ES9018 is currently the most expensive DAC chip available. It took HIFIMAN's design team an entire year to refine this highly regarded DAC chip by adding an extra oscillator to further upgrade its performance. 
Commercialized DACs SNR Comparison 
Using a pair of ES9018 chips can achieve a wider sound stage by realizing extremely high separation. 
Optimized Analog Circuit 
HM901s brings balanced, high quality reproduction of live music to the joy of your ear. 
1. The key to the excellent sounding? OPA2107. 
2. Two filter response curves for two different sound experiences. 
3. High & low gain mode switchable for headphone and earbud loads 
4. Replaceable amplify card design 


Dual-Voltage: Doubly Divine Sound 
All New Sleek Look by German Design Team 


DAC chip: ES9018*2 
Op-amp: OPA627*2, OPA2107*2 
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz 
THD: 0.008% (Line out) 
S/N: 106±4dB 
SD card memory: up to 256 GB 
Battery life: 9 hours 
Supported music formats: MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, APE, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC (M4A), DSD. 


1. Amplifier module 
2. RCA cable: for line out (red and white), for S/P DIF IN (black) 
3. Charger, for charging HM901s 
4. Battery charging system 
5. Battery: Li-ion +7.4V 1600 mAh, -7.4V 500mAh 
6. USB line 
7. Screwdriver 
8.Owner's Guide

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