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FiiO A5 Headphone Amplifier

Brand: Fiio
Product Code: a5
Availability: In Stock
Ex Tax: AED456.19

FiiO has strived to constantly progress and innovate with fresh ideas in the portable amplifier market since its own entry. With the A5, FiiO continues the tradition by striving to significantly improve over previous products, the E12 series. Every last detail of the E12 series has been reworked and revampled so as to create a new headphone amplifier that not only maintains the E12 series’ strengths, but also rises above them for an even better product. 

  • Classic OPAMP combo
  • Classic Circuit Architecture
  • Long 13 hour battery life
  • Quick 2.5 hour charging time
  • LED charge indicator
  • CNC Milled Headphone Connectors
  • Newly Designed Volume Knob
  • Fine Grain Zirconium Smooth Finish

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