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Headphone Amplifier & DAC

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Super DAC is a USB digital to analog converter with stereo RCA analog outputs and both coaxial and o..
Ex Tax: AED599.05
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Transit Pro is a super-high resolution USB/DSD (Direct Stream Digital) converter that takes audio si..
Ex Tax: AED999.05
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High-Resolution Audio Meets Style and Design HA-2SE is an elegant yet sophisticated portable ..
Ex Tax: AED1,399.05
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Ear-Pleasing sound. Designed for musicians and performers who demand mobility w..
Ex Tax: AED503.81
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Corresponding to the balance output   2.5mm4 pole balance corresponding to the outp..
Ex Tax: AED2,399.05
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Technical Specifications: Headphones impedance : 8—600 Ohms Input impedance: 100 Kilo-Ohms ..
Ex Tax: AED7,999.00
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6DE7 is a dual triode tube, consisting of one drive triode and one power triode. Its performance is ..
Ex Tax: AED3,199.00
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The Woo Audio WA7 “Fireflies” Amp/DAC is a combination of high performance vacuum tube headphone amp..
Ex Tax: AED4,100.00
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Woo Audio’s epic WA8 Eclipse is the world's first battery-operated vacuum tube headphone amplifier. ..
Ex Tax: AED7,199.00
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