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Audiophile / HIFI

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Most people like music, but Grado PS500e headphones are too good for most people. We make them for m..
Ex Tax: AED2,999.00
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By using tone-wood clad with metal alloy we’ve obliterated two of the most vexing issues in headphon..
Ex Tax: AED6,999.00
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Ever wondered what hardcore audiophiles are hearing, and that you might be missing? The Grado RS1e i..
Ex Tax: AED3,599.00
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Leave your candy-colored cans in the toy chest and try a pair of proper headphones. Grado RS2e are h..
Ex Tax: AED2,699.00
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Specification D/A Chip : WM8740  Frequency Response : 20HZ-20KHz  Distortion : 0..
Ex Tax: AED1,750.00
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We endeavor to deliver state-of-the-art technology, keeping only what is essential to improve s..
Ex Tax: AED5,999.05
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iBasso DX200 64GB Portable Audio High Resolution Digital Music Player DESCRIPTION iBasso DX2..
Ex Tax: AED3,599.05
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Digital Audio Player24bit/192kHz with    Native DSD64 & DSD128 Dual CIRRUS CS4398 DACs ..
Ex Tax: AED1,399.05
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Wireless Input Bluetooth (aptX) 1     ..
Ex Tax: AED7,999.05
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Fully Re-Engineered iFi micro iDSD Black Label DAC/Headphone Amplifier Plays True Native Octa-DSD512..
Ex Tax: AED2,100.00
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The OPPO PM-3 Planar Magnetic headphones are a revolutionary new lightweight, closed back Planar Mag..
Ex Tax: AED1,600.00
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The 2M Black is graced with a Shibata diamond stylus – the same diamond as on the acclaimed MC Jub..
Ex Tax: AED2,503.81
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2M Blue features:   - an improved engine, which provides an increased output of..
Ex Tax: AED903.81
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2M Blue exclusive plug-and-play solution The 2M headshell is a practical and elegant solution..
Ex Tax: AED903.81
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Frequency range - 20-25.000 Hz Frequency response - 20-20.000 Hz + 2 / - 1 dB Track..
Ex Tax: AED599.05
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