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Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro 2 DJ Controller

Brand: Mixvibes
Product Code: U-Mix Control Pro 2
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MixVibes’ U-MIX CONTROL PRO is a DJ package including CROSS DJ software and an external MIDI DJ controller with an internal sound interface. This is the perfect package for DJs seeking a compact, professional DJ solution, which makes no compromise on the design and quality.


USB DJ MIDI controller

Layout and features optimized to match with MixVibes’ CROSS software range

Integrated 4-channel audio interface (2 stereo inputs/ 2 stereo outputs)


2x stereo RCA outputs for connection to loudspeakers, hi-fi or to a mixer

2x headphones jack output connections (6.35 mm & 3.5 mm) for direct monitoring


2x stereo RCA inputs (with phono pre-amplification) to connect turntables, CD or MP3 players

6.35 mm microphone jack input with automatic talk-over function

Altogether 133 MIDI controls: 27 buttons, 5 faders, 5 rotary potentiometers, 6 push-rotary potentiometers, 5 push encoders, 2 jog wheels

Shift key for alternate functions on all controls

Touch-sensitive jog wheels for precise scratch

Light feedback of all controls

Cross fader curve adjustment

Low latency ASIO driver Support

USB bus powered

Anti-theft device: Kensington® safety slot

MAC & PC compatible


Full DJ software license and free updates

Hands-on control of most software features with the U-MIX CONTROL PRO

Integrated 2-channel mixer with 3-Band EQ and frequency kills

iTunes® integration & smart media management

3 audio effects per deck to customize your music

6 locators per deck

Automatic beat synchronization

Automatic on-beat loops

On-beat smart seek and loop jump

Up to +/-100% pitch range

Master Tempo to change your songs’ speed while keeping the original tonal key

Line input (for MP3 players etc.) 

Mix recording

ASIO and Core Audio compatible

MIDI assignments and Keyboard shortcuts customization

Compatible audio formats: AIFF, WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG and AAC



Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7

Core 2 Duo / 1.8 GHz or higher 


1 x available USB port


Mac OS X 10.4, 

Intel Core 2 Duo / 1.8 GHz or higher

1 GB RAM, 

1x available USB port

Please note: These are the minimum requirements to run U-MIX CONTROL.PRO

For best performance and for use in professional situations we recommend you buy a higher spec computer.

We also recommend Intel Processors.


Dimensions: 375 x 43 x 193 mm

Weight: 1.83 kg

Built-in audio interface to use your controller in all possible modes

Standalone mode: simply use your computer and your controller. Plug your speakers and headphones to the controller.

MP3 player: plug your MP3 player to the controllers’ line inputs, activate the ‘LINE-in’ source and play your music with EQs, FX and cross fading transitions.

Regular vinyl/CD: plug in your vinyl or CD players to the controller’s built-in soundcard and play your traditional vinyl and CD records using the Bypass/through mode (line-input).

Digital Vinyl System: plug in your vinyl or CD players to the controller’s built-in soundcard and use the controller as a mixer or to launch effects, loops, …  just upgrade to MixVibes CROSS and get the control vinyl or CDs to enjoy these features.


2 stereo inputs: 2 x 2 RCA mono inputs, to bring external sources into your mix. 

The U-MIX CONTROL PRO’s inputs are compatible with:

PHONO-input devices (turntables)

Consumer LINE-input devices (MP3 players, etc)

Professional LINE-input devices (studio gear & CD players)

Boosted LINE-input devices (Pioneer CDJ players…)

1 microphone input

1/4" jack plug with volume knob and automatic talk-over function that reduces the volume of your song when you speak.


2 stereo outputs

Master/Mix output (channels 1-2)

2 RCA stereo connectors for hi-fi & mixers

Preview/Monitoring output (channels 3-4)

2 RCA stereo connectors for speakers & mixers

1/4" jack (6.35mm) and 1/8" jack (3.5mm) for headphones pre-listening with volume adjustment and cue/mix knob

Mixer section

Classic 2-channel design 

1 x professional long-life smooth cross fader with adjustable cross fader curve

2 x volume sliders with PRO long-life line faders

2 x 3-band equalizer with ‘Push2Kill’ rotary potentiometers (frequency kill integrated to EQ knobs)

2 x gain rotary potentiometers

Player section

2 x touch-sensitive jog wheels for precise scratch, pitch bend and seek/search in your song.

2 x high resolution 14-bit pitch faders

1 x push encoder knob for loop control

1 x push encoder and 1 x rotary potentiometer for effect control

4 x buttons for locator’s control (Locators 1-2-3 when select-LED is off, locators 4-5-6 when LED is on)

Yellow, orange and red light feedback to match CROSS DJ software’s colors

Master section

1 x rotary potentiometer for master control

Library browsing section

1 x push encoder for quick and easy music library browsing

 Load buttons for player A and B

Cue section

Cue/Mix control knob

Headphones volume knob

Microphone section

Microphone volume knob

3-position ‘on/off/talk-over’ microphone switch

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