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DJ Mixers

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Mix Anytime, Spin Everywhere  with iRig MIX iRig™ MIX is the first mobile mixer for iP..
Ex Tax: AED399.00
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The new mixer is the entry point into the DJM series and is packed with professional features includ..
Ex Tax: AED1,499.00
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  Pioneer offers DJs of all levels the ability to create a wide spectrum of music and mi..
Ex Tax: AED3,999.00
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Overview Take the step to the DJ booth seamlessly with the DJM-750MK2, a 4-channel mixer whic..
Ex Tax: AED4,999.00
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Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 4-Channel 12-Inch DJ Mixer Attention To Detail Take your performance t..
Ex Tax: AED8,499.00
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PLAY MAIN STAGE   Tour from festival to arena with the DJM-TOUR1 and perfor..
Ex Tax: AED22,499.00
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The Pioneer DJ DJM-2000nexus performance DJ mixer will take your game to a new level, letting you ar..
Ex Tax: AED9,499.00
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GET INTO THE MIX With features and design inherited from the DJM-900NXS2, this 2-channel mix..
Ex Tax: AED2,899.00
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MIX & SCRATCH WITH SERATO Thanks to the built-in soundcard, this 2-channel mixer is Serat..
Ex Tax: AED2,199.00
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2 x Pioneer DJ XDJ-1000mk2 1 x Pioneer DJ DJM-450 Visit DJ Corner HQ to test. Items do not com..
Ex Tax: AED8,500.00
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Rane 64 mixer The Rane Sixty-Four is a four-channel club mixer with dual USB ports, allowing for ..
Ex Tax: AED9,999.00
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Successful artists demand purity—purity of sound most importantly, but also purity of style, control..
AED3,999.00 AED9,199.00 57%
Ex Tax: AED3,999.00
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The Rane MP2015 is a no-compromise music-mixing performance instrument. Control, sound, reliabili..
AED4,999.00 AED9,999.00 50%
Ex Tax: AED4,999.00
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  Two computers, two USB ports, four decks and a range of effects. Introducing the first ..
Ex Tax: AED11,699.00
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Turntablism is alive and more creative than ever. Rane and Serato are proud to be supporting par..
AED3,499.00 AED5,299.00 34%
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